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The ask

Worklab is a shared office space based in Waterford City. For this kind of space, being connected is absolutely essential. They rent their various rooms and breakout areas to startups, freelancers, small companies or teams from larger business who may need places to collaborate.

This means that Worklab has to be always on. On any given day there may be a game-changing pitch, a video-call across continents, worktime that needs considerable broadband bandwidth or a multi-media supported meeting. And if even one of these events has a glitch with their AV – Worklab could lose revenue and its reputation fast.

So, we were delighted when they asked us to install a top quality AV system within this space. They wanted to offer an easy-to-use audio-visual solution for all their clients to utilise – but they had spaces of all differing sizes.

The fix

So, our first task was to assess all the room sizes, design new systems and implement solutions based on that.

As they have some large meetings rooms, we had to install plug and play systems that were very easy for their clients and outside clients to use.

So, we assessed the room sizes, designed our systems, and implemented high quality solution based on that. At the time of installation (2 years ago) it would have been considered to have been the best AV system of its kind as a rental space within Waterford.

The result

Worklab was delighted with their new system. It meant that they had reliable, top-quality AV for their clients at all times. This helped them increase rents on the back of more demand for space. And it meant that businesses of all sizes could reliably use the space to host meetings, better work together or have video calls with partners and clients all around the world.

In fact, such was the quality of the overall facilities there that it also transpired that teams from larger companies, with their own meeting spaces, wanted to breakout to Worklab and use the spaces as well.

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