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Energia Park

The ask

Pharmaceutical multinational Mercke, Sharpe and Dohme employs 2,700 people across five different sites in Ireland. Their main sites are in Carlow, Clonmel and Dublin. In order for them to keep their staff abreast of latest developments they need to hold ‘Town Hall’ meetings. But talking to large numbers of people on site and in person requires large spaces, good autistics, big screen facilities and robust AV systems.

Companies of that size tend to use several different suppliers, or Audio-Visual Integrators to support their needs. And they noticed that some of their existing AV infrastructure was no longer working as it should. This was leading to problems especially for important company addresses like when their Global Director comes to visit. So, they contacted us to see if we could improve their service.

The fix

We started by looking at some equipment that wasn’t working properly for them. It turned out it was misconfigured. So, we rectified it and they were happy with the fix. Although this fix wasn’t anything too complex it did showcase the technical capabilities of our team. And by being familiar we were able to solve the problem efficiently.

From that initial stage, we’ve done some largescale projects for a town hall audio system for MSD in their head office in Carlow. This is where they have large scale meetings with substantial groups of people coming onsite.

From there we were trusted to play a bigger role as their AV Integrators.  We’ve since provided services to their sites in Clonmel and MSD Biotech in Dublin. At their Dublin site, they can also record their town halls via a plug-in cable. We gave them an extra audio channel for that and the distribution and audio quality is far superior to anything they would have had previously.

The result

The result was an all-round success for everyone in Peamount – residents and staff alike.

With the flexibility offered by their new smart TVs, residents and service – users are afforded a greater degree of independence and control over what they watch and how they watch it.

At the same time, hospital staff have less to worry about when it comes to managing the TV system.
They have switched from an old-fashioned setup of individual TVs in separate rooms, to a modern IPTV system with full control over all devices in every room from one central location.

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