AV over IP video encoders, decoders

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AV over IP video encoders, decoders using standards-based Ethernet wiring and switches from some of the traditional audio visual companies

AV over IP video encoders, decoders

Traditional methods of signal distribution are being replaced, not so much by re-inventing the wheel but by simply riding on the coat tails of data networks.

Crestron, Amx, Atlona, Extron, Kramer Electronics, Zeevee, are all going about there business developing the latest and greatest, which one should you choose?



DigitalMedia™ NVX technology transports ultra high-definition 4K video with 60 Hz frame rates and 4:4:4 color sampling over standard Gigabit Ethernet. Support for HDR video (HDR10) and HDCP 2.2. using JPEG 2000, Employing advanced security features and protocols like 802.1x authentication, Active Directory credential management, PKI certification, AES encryption, TLS, SSH, and HTTPS, DM



The SVSI JPEG2000 NMX-ENC-N2135 and NMX-DEC-N2235, JPEG 2000 1080p Low-Latency Decoder with KVM PoE, SFP, HDMI

Image result for NMX-ENC-N2135 a


The OmniStream AV over IP product line supports 4K/UHD @ 30 Hz and 1080p @ 60 Hz, plus other computer and video rates,also  featuring AES-128, as standards-based encryption technology

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Kramer Electronics

KDS-EN6 High–performance, real–time 4K60 4:2:0 video/audio/RS–232/IR/USB over standard 1G network supports HDCP 2.2 Scalable, enterprise grade one to many/many to many/video wall/KVM–over IP media distribution managed via Open API/Kramer AV services/Kramer Control. Peak: 850Mbps, 4K average: 350Mbps, 1080p average: 250Mbps.


ZyPer4K Distribute and share uncompressed video (1080p or 4K/UHD), digital or analog audio, and control connected displays and sources with RS232 or Infrared, using standard 10Gb Ethernet switches and cables up to 100 meters away. 1Gb network port exposed on all encoders and decoders Aes encryption as standard.

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The first four units will work on standard gigabit switches once they are configured correctly, some of these double up as kvm’s offering both unicast and multicast (1 to 1 or 1 to many) . Crestron seems to have the edge on specification, while Atlona  are offering the most cost effective with a comparable specification.

Zyper 4k  is the only unit that requires a 10 gb switch on the flip side it’s the only unit that is not compressing while encoding. If the client is willing to invest and future proofing their network with 10gb infrastructure and wants  zero latency then Zyper 4k is your go to.

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